HR North specializes in assisting job-ready individuals who are searching for employment opportunities.

Qualified individuals will create their profile for the online matching tool. Candidates will be matched with employers seeking their education, experience and expertise.

Prior to creating this profile you will need a properly formatted resume.  Resumes are not marketable to employers if they:

  • Are more than 2 pages in length (with very few exceptions)
  • Are improperly formatted
  • Lack detail and context to employment experiences
  • Are skills based/functional resumes because they are too general
  • Do not have a clear objective or job goal
  • Contain images, graphics or charts
  • Contain confidential personal information such as S.I.N number, date of birth, etc.

We will be pleased to provide feedback on your resume to assist you to create a resume that employers will find relevant.

A sample resume and template may be found HERE.