HR North assists employers with labour market challenges by providing one point of contact to address recruitment and retention needs. We help meet the increasing employment opportunities in the North.

HR North works with you to leverage international talent. We engage with local employers in the delivery of strategies that facilitate the attraction, recruitment and retention of internationally trained individuals in regional employment opportunities commensurate with international training and experience.

HR North is an employer-led initiative through our participation with Immigrant Employers’ Councils, which are employers who are committed to fully engaging skilled immigrants in the local labour market.

HR North is the demand-driven bridge to the supply of newcomer talent and is strategically guided by a business-led governance council with advisory support from community partners.

Hiring Package 1

HR North will use the HR North online system to find a local, or any candidate, with a profile in our system.  In placing a position within our online system we will be alerted to all profiles that match the criteria of the job description.  In addition, HR North will place the position with the job match network in southern Ontario and Magnet, a project of Ryerson University.  This increases the likelihood of finding the perfect match for the job opportunity.

Our partner, who assists with our access to the job match networks in southern Ontario, is the London Middlesex Immigrant Employment Council (LMIEC).  The LMIEC was launched in 2008 as a business-led organization to connect local employers to Canadian newcomers and, in turn, strengthen local economies.  The LMIEC and HR North know that attracting international talent now will build stronger businesses and a stronger community for tomorrow.  That is why hiring immigrants is the right thing to do — it makes for good business.

Our association with Magnet gives us exposure to additional talent.  Magnet came together in early 2014 with an aim to address unemployment and underemployment, specifically as it relates to youth and new immigrants.  Magnet has a vision, which we share.  This is to help connect jobs to people and help communities to work more productively.

HR North will analyse all matches and forward only the best for review and consideration by the employer.

This hiring package is a charge-based service.  Charges start at $349 for one to five search assignments within a 12-month period.

Hiring Package 2

HR North will utilize a trusted partner to source talent from its overseas client pool.  This is done at no charge to the employer.

Our trusted partner de-risks the hiring process by making sure all professional candidates have been pre-certified before they are ever presented for consideration.  This means each candidate’s education, job history, and criminal record have been checked and certified by the same organizations used by the Canadian government: World Education Services and First Advantage.

Our trusted partner also assesses each candidate’s skill level to help ensure on-the-job success.  When you make an offer to one of these candidates, your job offer alone virtually guarantees the candidate will receive a quick Express Entry Invitation to Apply and a Permanent Residence Visa within weeks.  If you need your new employee faster, a temporary work permit can speed them to your workplace while the PR Visa is in process.

Hiring Package 3

HR North will work with the employer to actively seek an overseas candidate to fill the open position.  Using this package implies that there were no suitable candidates within the scope of the other hiring packages.

Charges apply and cover the expenses incurred to:

  • Post the position so it is visible to overseas candidates and conforms to Express Entry guidelines
  • Job posting must be advertised for a minimum of 4 weeks in three separate sites/mediums with one being the Canada Job Bank
  • Validate and evaluate candidate responses
    • Document all candidates that apply to positions, interviewed and outcome
  • Complete the process end-to-end
    • Have the employer create an account on the Canada Job Bank website (if they do not already have an account)
    • Provide us access to the account
    • Post the job posting in the Canada Job Bank website
    • Post the job in other websites like,,, etc.
    • Assist in documenting the applications received through the various advertisements
    • If an Express Entry candidate is identified, set up SKYPE interview
    • Assist in identifying selected candidate and assisting them to complete their Express Entry profile as needed
    • Assist selected candidate to complete language and education assessments using the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) for language and World Education Services (WES) for education
    • Prepare the Labour Market Impact Analysis (LMIA) documentation and job offer documentation for Service Canada
    • Follow-up with Service Canada and respond to any questions regarding LMIA
    • Once a positive LMIA is issued, assist the prospective candidate to enter LMIA information into their Express Entry profile
    • Assist the candidate to complete the process and gather documents once they have been selected with an invitation to apply (ITA)
    • Follow-up with selected candidate and submit required documentation once reviewed by immigration legal team.

HR North will be utilizing the services of a number of our partners to complete a search assignment under this hiring package.  This includes services of an immigration law firm to complete all paperwork required by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and to represent the employer in any follow on discussions or issues.

Charges will be confirmed with the employer prior to accepting the assignment with this hiring package.