March 23- 24, 2016
3 Networks Provincial Forum and Provincial Job Fair


























November 27, 2015
2015 Magnet Partners Event

A hands-on event that brings Magnet’s cross-section of valued partners together to share their experiences, lessons learned, best practices, and successes.

The event will feature a keynote by MDB Insight on economic development and community hub integration, program planning, a fireside chat with hub leaders on what’s working in their respective sectors, a best practices session, next steps, and more.

November 10, 2015
The Canadian Chamber of Commerce Thought Leadership Roundtable Series
“Getting Immigration Right In A New Government”

In spite of the changes to Canada’s immigration system over the last year, the well-documented skills gap continues to grow and new surveys confirm that half of the countries employers have challenges finding talent.

Topics of interest and to be discussed are:
1. Temporary Foreign Worker Program for high-skilled workers
2. International Mobility Program (i.e. LMIA-exempt categories of temporary workers)
3. Express Entry system for economic immigrants
4. Connecting employers to immigrants in Canada

February 27, 2015
12th Annual IEP Conference in Toronto at the Metro Convention Centre North Building, Lower Level